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Crisp, Wheat, Sunshine 



Caramel, Woody, Warm



Clean, Crisp, Palatable

Brewery is Open on Demand this week

Please call Uli if you like to visit the brewery: 07508 435893


Or send an e-mail to braumeister@kraftybraumeister.co.uk

Look forward to a beer chat with you


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You want to buy beer fresh from the brewery? You want to know who stocks Krafty beers?

Get all the news from The Krafty Braumeister. Contact us for a tour around the brewery, order beer for your next party or bbq. Whatever it is, we are happy to hear from you.

The Krafty Braumeister, Leiston/Suffolk

Unit 4A, Eastlands Industrial Estate, Leiston/Sufolk, IP16 4LL

07508 435 893

Get News about our Opening Hours

Open today

15:00 – 19:00

The Krafty Braumeister is  a small business and not yet in a position to have regular opening hours. For all visits to the brewery please call or drop us a line. We will respond timely. Many thanks for understanding!