About Us

Mesopotamia - The Cradle of Beer

When you need a good beer in Baghdad…

Imagine that you, as a beer lover, are stranded in a city where the only available beers are canned, stored at temperatures above 40 C and brewed under license of two of the world’s biggest breweries.  That happened to us some years ago, when we were working in Baghdad.

What could we do to get a thirst-quenching beer full of flavour? There was only one solution: brew our own!

So our brewing journey began at a place which is home to some of the oldest beers brewed and possibly the region where beer brewing was invented.

Some like it hot - Beer does not!

We learned a lot on the way: some like it hot - beer does not! Fermenting in a hot desert climate appeared to be the biggest challenge. We got over it and were soon hooked on the process of brewing refreshing beers, tasty and aromatic. Beers made with the best ingredients, conditioned in the bottle, with no added sugars and no filtration. And they tasted 👌.  Which got us thinking...if we can do that in a city like Baghdad, then we can do it back home as well, in lovely rural Suffolk. Follow us to find out more about what we are doing and share our passion for the best hand crafted beers!


I came to Suffolk because of my lovely wife Auriol. That was back in 2013. Auriol, our Labrador/Golden Retriever crossbreed family dog "Dylan"and I found ourselves a cosy home at the beautiful Suffolk coastline. We never want to leave again! 

We opened The Krafty Braumeister brewery in 2018 after studying historical German beer-styles and learning professional brewing in the UK. I'm proud to meet lovers of German beers in the brewery and/or at one of the many events I go to, to sell my beers. I love feedback on my beers. I brew using step-infusion for the mashing. I don’t add sugars, nor artificial flavours and mature the beers naturally in bottles and kegs - traditionally hand crafted as they should be. Prost/Cheers, Uli