Briarbank Beer Festival Ipswich


Friday 23rd to Monday 26th of August

We are very proud to be part of the Briarbank Beer Festival for the first time. Come and look out for Krafty's Golden Ale and the Rut&Wiess Koelsh-style beer taps. Wishing you a great time at the festival and please feel free to give us some feedback. Cheers!

A krafty new venture

A range of new German-style beers are being brewed on the East Anglian Coast.


Read more from Charlotte Smith-Jarvis, published online in Eastern Daily Press and in the East Anglian Daily Times on 15 August 2018:

Thanks to Brew School

The Brew School in Bakewell published this link:

Many thanks and good luck to everyone who likes to join us in the art of brewing!

Find more information here:


How we carbonate our beers

At the Krafty Braumeister we use a very traditional way to condition (carbonate) our beers. Before we fill bottles and kegs with our ready fermented beers we add unfermented wort (=liquor consisting of malt and water which is the basis for any beer) and a tiny bit of fresh yeast to the fermenting vessel. This step ensures that carbonation continues in the bottle or keg and produces CO2 in a natural way, adding refreshing fizziness to our products.

This step prolongs the maturation process of the beer for at least two weeks (depending on the beer style sometimes even much longer). To save this time a huge number of breweries force-carbonate the beer by adding CO2 from a gas cylinder. In our opinion the force carbonation process interferes in the natural maturation of beer and does not allow the beer to develop its natural aroma.

We are using CO2 from gas cylinders for the counter-pressure filling of bottles and kegs for the only reason to prevent oxygen flowing into the beer during the filling process.  That keeps us widely independent from huge CO2 supplies.

Whenever you drink a Krafty, you will enjoy refreshing full flavour and aroma beers – brewed in traditional way in the coastal town of Leiston in the heart of Suffolk.